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Largest burner range in the world

Oil, gas & dual fuel burners

Extended warranty & Free 1st year service

ROI within 12-18 months* *subject to site conditions, load and application

Environmentally friendly technology

to Oilon

Founded in 1961, Oilon is a Finnish
family-owned energy and environmental
technology company.

We manufacture and sell

  • Burners and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in the capacity range of 10 kW – 80 MW
  • Industrial heat pumps and cooling plants
  • Ground source heat pumps for hybrid heating systems.
  • Solar heat collectors

Our products are used, for example, in power plants, waste incineration, marine boilers, district heating plants, for heating or cooling large buildings.

Oilon specialises in environmental technology with an emphasis on product research and development work. Investment into our state of the art R&D centre is currently 5% of our turnover. The main focus areas of research and development are improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy sources.

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Burner Range

Oilon burners represent the latest environmentally friendly technology. They serve even the most demanding needs of industry and industrial processes as well as power plants. Oilon also has extensive experience in marine and shipping sector. Our technology provides environmentally friendly solutions, whose key benefits are low emissions, high efficiency and equipment reliability.

With our domestic and industrial burners, a number of mineral oils designed for heating and most common gases can be burnt. Power ranges are from 12 to 29,500 kW. Our burners are also designed with user-friendliness in mind.With our power plant and process burners, a number of different and also difficult-to-control liquid and gaseous fuels can be combusted. The side flows of many industrial processes can be utilized as an energy source, and thus the plant’s efficiency is improved and cost savings are achieved.

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Constant velocity head
Turndown up to 10/1
Low O2
Low NOx


Industrial Burners

Oilon’s reliable industrial burners are available
in a capacity range of 40 – 29500 kW and can be
fired on almost any liquid or gaseous fuel available.


  • 42 - 400kW Oil Burner
  • 200 - 1540kW Oil Burner
  • 355 - 3500kW Oil Burner
  • 770 - 9700kW Oil Burner
  • 1000 - 1200kW Oil Burner
  • 2000 -22500kW Oil Burner

Burner series 6 – 26

Burner series 50 – 90

Burner series 130 – 280

Burner series 300 – 700

Burner series 1000 – 1200

Burner series 800 – 2000

Burner series 6 – 26
Burners in series 6 – 26 are monoblock type fully automatic light oil, gas or dual fuel burners. Capacity regulation possibilities are one or two stage apacity range 42 – 400 kW. Control panel is integrated to the burner.Oilon burners group 2
Burner series 50 – 90Burners in series 50 – 90 are monoblock type fully automatic light oil, gas or dual fuel burners. Capacity regulation is two stages. Gas burners allow a sliding two stage capacity regulation or modulating capacity regulation. Capacity range 200 – 1.540 kW. Control panel is integrated to the burner.Oilon burners group 2C
Burner series 130 – 280Burners in series 130 – 280 are monoblock type fully automatic light oil, heavy oil, gas or dual fuel burners. Capacity regulation possibilities are two, three or modulating. Capacity range 355 – 3.500 kW. Control panel is integrated to the burner.Oilon burners group 3
Burner series 300 – 700  Burners in series 300 – 700 are monoblock type fully automatic light oil, heavy oil, gas or dual fuel burners. Capacity regulation possibilities are three stage or modulating. Capacity range 770 – 9.700 kW. These burners are equipped with separate control and power panel.Oilon burners group 4

Burner series Monox 1000 M and 1200 MThe Oilon Monox series of gas and dual fuel burners are designed and manufactured to provide a higher capacity, up to 13.3 MW, at lower cost. The fixed air fan solution of the Monox burners achieves the following benefits compared to the conventional duoblock (separate combustion air fan) burner:• Decreased share of mechanical installation work

  •  No separate air channels
  •  Plug-in connections allowing for efficient make electrical and automation install
  • Accurate adjustment thanks to Ecosafe automation, wider turn-down ratio → improved efficiency of the boiler
  • Lower NOx emissions
  • Enclosure class IP 54 → enables outdoor installations
  • More economical price/power ratio.Oilon burners group 4A – Monox
Burner series 800 – 2000 MEBurners in series 800 – 2000 ME are fully automatic light oil, heavy oil, gas or dual fuel burners. Capacity regulation is modulating. Capacity range 2.000 – 22.500 kW. These burners are equipped with separate control panel pressure increasing unit and combustion air fan.Oilon burners group 5

Over five decades of reliability

Oilon’s experience in combustion technology has resulted in reliable burners with low emission levels. Our excellent reputation is based on successfully manufacturing various heating solutions for over 50 years. Today we offer our customers ever more reliable and modern burners for a multitude of tasks and operating environments.

Burners for different needs – Our range of burners can be fired on various gases; light and heavy…

Our range of burners can be fired on various gases; light and heavy fuel oil as well as other liquid or gaseous fuels. In our monoblock-type burners the burner automation unit is integrated into the burner. Burners are also available with an external automation unit. Our duoblock-type burners come with an external automation unit, an oil booster, and a combustion fan. For fuel-air ratio control, the automation can be equipped with a traditional relay control or with digital control system with diverse extra functions.

Oil burner for hospitals, hotels, and district heating
Heating Applications
Hospitals, Hotels & District Heating
Oil burners for agricultureAgriculture
Grain, grass, rice and fodder drying
Tea drying
Sterilisation of raw material
Oil burners for green houses
Green Houses
Heating of premises and soil
CO2 production
Metal industry oil burners, smelting, galvanising and electroplating
Metal Industry
Lacquer drying
Smelting ovens
Paint ovens
Galvanising and electroplating
Food industry oil burners, bakery ovens, steam boilers and roasters
Food industry
Bakery ovens
Steam boilers
Spray dryers
Textile industry oil burners
Textile Industry
Cleaning and ironing
Drying of fabric and yarn
Steam boilers
transportation-and-shipping oil burners
Transportation & Shipping
Steam and hot water boilers in ships
Heating of tanks
Sludge utilisation in ships
Asphalt drums
Heating of train carriages
pulp-and-paper oil burners
Paper and Chemical Industry
Producing of process steam
Cooking of cellulose
Different chemical industrial processes
glass-and-ceramic-industry oil burnersGlass and Ceramic IndustryDrying of sand and brickworks
Building dryers
Glass ovens
oil-fields oil burners
OilfieldsHeating of oil pipes, steam injection into oil well.
Other ApplicationsIncineration of different waste
Ignition burners Sludge burning equipment
Incineration of animal remains
Utilisation of tall oil


Power Plant and Process Burners

Oilon delivers power plant and process burners for a variety of applications all over the world.
We also handle the delivery of complete combustion systems, provide valve units, pumping stations and Burner Management Systems (BMS).


  • ULTRAX Low-NOx burners
  • S-burners for various applications
  • K-burners for multiple processes
  • Lance burners for demanding purposes

ULTRAX Burners



Lance Burners

ULTRAX Low-NOx burners
Ultrax is designed for power plant boilers fulfilling the stringent emission requirements. This achievement of technology is based on staged combustion. Fuel is lead into different zones of the flame. Combustion air is divided into individually controlled chambers in wind box and directed also in stages to the flame.
S-burners for various applications
The S-burner is typically used in hot water and steam boilers, and is suitable for various applications. The amount and ratio of primary and secondary air can be adjusted. Secondary air is guided through adjustable air vanes, which enables the formation of the desired flame shape and thus matching optimally to the furnace dimensions. Additionally, the adjustability contributes to achieving the required emission levels in different furnace sizes and forms.
The S-burner has the capability to be provided with single or dual-fuel liquid lance, gas lance and gas ring.
K-burners for multiple processes
The K-burner suits several types of industrial processes, including hot air generators, hazardous waste and municipal waste incineration plants. The combustion air inlet is located eccentric on one side of the burner guiding the combustion air tangentially to the wind box, which causes a strong swirl and stable flame.
The burner construction is designed for heavy duty operation to guarantee good availability in extreme process conditions the K-burner can be equipped with several lances according to the number of different fuels.
Lance burners for demanding purposes
Lance burner presents technology to different demanding industrial purposes, for example as start-up and support burner in fluidized bed boilers. It is essential, that the parts will tolerate the effects of the sand bed. This is achieved in lance burner by optimized cleaning and cooling air flow through the burner. When the burner is stand-by, the critical parts will be retracted automatically. The small diameter of the lance burner allows to minimize burner openings on the boiler walls.

Visible benefits for your business

  • Half a century of experience with burners, their auxiliary equipment and product development.
  • Our R&D focuses on high efficiency, reliable performance, environmental friendliness and low emissions.
  • Ideal and safe operation of the combustion process is based on properly planned and delivered automation.
  • Guaranteed optimal performance and reliability of the creating significant benefits for our customers.


A reliable parter
We deliver equipment to all continents, taking into account each country’s law, regulations and existing standards. We have a large variety of products for different applications. We manufacture custom-made products for clients` individual needs.

arroRange of
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power-plants oil burners
Power Plants
metallurgic-processes oil burnersMetallurgic Processes
aluminium-production oil burners
Aluminium Production
district-heating-plants oil burners
District Heating Plants
hazardous-and-municipal-waste burners
Hazardous municipal waste incineration
pulp-and-paper oil burners
Pulp and Paper


Burner Controls
& Panels

Close and efficient control of energy management systems is crucial in providing energy of cost reductions. Our control systems range is designed to suit the individual and includes.

  • BG01 Compliance
  • Boiler Control Panels, including Self Monitoring Level Controls, auto TDS, and blow down controls.
  • Remote alarm Panels (gatehouse)
  • Remote control solutions and Monitoring
  • Customisable PLC Control



Burner controls and panels
Maintenance and Support

Commissioning Service & Maintenance Agreement Modernisation

Oilon engineers provide initial commissioning ensuring emissions and efficiency comply with requirements.

Commissioning engineers are experts on combustion technology and burner equipment. To ensure the safety of the equipment, engineers adjust the burner system to operate efficiently. During commissioning, we also familiarise the operating personnel with the use of the equipment.


Commissioning steps:

  • Installation check of the burner system
  • Cold test of the automation system
  • Safety interlock test
  • Cold start
  • Start-up of the pumping units and adjustment
  • Process values check
  • Burner start-up and adjustment
  • Combustion optimization
  • Emissions measurement with a flue gas analyser
  • Handover of the equipment and operating manuals
  • Reporting
oil burner maintenance and support

Our site specific service and maintenance agreements ensure that cost savings are achieved by means of reducing unplanned outages and through implementation of planned and proactive maintenance.

We operate a network of trained, mobile combustion engineers throughout the UK. In addition to standard planned preventative service calls, Oilon UK provides a dedicated emergency service to cover the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Our boiler maintenance teams provide preparation for statutary annual inspection and NDT on all types of shell boilers. Boiler inspections are coordinated in conjunction with the clients outage schedule. Our regional teams liaise with the insurance company to ensure a smooth transition as part of service maintenance agreement.

Focusing on preventative maintenance and efficient, reliable operation of burner and boiler hire equipment through its life cycle.

  • Service maintenance agreement
  • Flexible payment terms
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • Trained engineers
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Beneficial rates
oil burner service and maintenance

Boost the efficiency of the boilerhouse, not just your burner.

Oilon UK is dedicated to provide a range of retrofit technologies designed to reduce energy consumption. We provide a free energy audit identifying upgrades not just for the burner, but also for the boilerhouse.


Oilon UK specifies Ecosafe controls to improve efficiency through digitilisation. They can be installed as retrofit to an existing burner and provide considerable efficiencies if utilised with VSD.
In addition to this, we also provide:

  • Oxygen trim system
  • Variable speed drives
  • Flue gas economiser
  • Hotwell
  • Condensate heat recovery
  • Steam trap audit
  • Boiler sequencing
boiler upgrade, modernisation


Oilon provides a dedicated range of courses to suit operators and maintenance staff.


Burner Training

We offer a familiarisation programme for end users and operatives who are required to maintain the burner plant. This includes on site demonstration, and addresses efficiencies and best practice. Consisting of:

  • Make-up and characteristics
  • Burner system
  • Controls and safety
  • Service requirements


Boiler Training

We offer a range of workshop style boiler operator and management training. For those responsible of operating or owning a steam plant, the following courses are available.

  • Boiler Operative Accreditation Scheme (BOAS)
  • Boiler Operative Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) refresher
  • Maintenance and Operation of Boiler (MOB)
  • Safe Operation and Boiler Awareness (SOBA)
  • Boiler Operative Safety and Health (BOSH)

Burner training and boiler trainingComply to BG01 boilerplant requirements

Training is offered in workshop style either on site or at our premises in Leeds by our dedicated team. Further boilerplant training requirements to comply to BG01 contact


Sarah Harrison on 0113 387 0613 or



Contact our head office in Leeds
for more information



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